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Опрос Посетителей

Dear library visitors,

In Kazakhstan’s capital Astana will be held World EXPO Exhibition in 2017, which is a great honor and a great responsibility for our country.
World Exhibitions are the international exhibitions, organized with the aim of showing the great diversity of people in the fields of economy, science, technology, culture and art.
By its scale, socio-political and economic importance, the exhibitions EXPO are unique events, comparable in brilliance with the Olympic Games. Any EXPO exhibition is a respected global platform for fair and open competition of exporting countries, demonstrating the latest conceptual solutions, facing mankind global issues.
The history of the universal exhibitions began with the organization of the "Great Exhibition of industrial products of all nations" (London, 1851). In 1928 was established the International Exhibitions Bureau (IEB), which controls and regulates the holding of world EXPO exhibitions https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzdSPYLj8dPxS0tiNE5IZXF6b1U/view?usp=sharing.
Kazakhstan is preparing to welcome visitors from all over the globe.
National Company "Astana EXPO-2017" in cooperation with local tour operators developed varied and rich in content excursion routes. Thus, the tourists have a unique opportunity to get acquainted not only with the sights of our capital city and the exhibition complex, but with all cultural and historical sites of Kazakhstan.
For EXPO-2017 guests developed 73 tourist routes through the whole Kazakhstan, one of which is the pearl of Kostanai region - Naurzum Reserve https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzdSPYLj8dPxMV9CdlhUaVotSWs/view, http://new.naurzum.kz/.
EXPO-2017 will be one of the key events in the recent history of Kazakhstan, the holding of this event will make a huge contribution to the formation of the image of economic and cultural development of our country.

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